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Identification Card System

In an effort to make the ballpark a safer more secure facility an Identification (ID) card system has been implemented to enter the ballpark. Only those with current CAC or CASL picture ID. cards and their guests will be allowed to enter the ballpark. 

All vehicles entering and exiting the parking lot will be stopped at the parking lot security checkpoint to log you in and out of the ballpark. Please allow the security personal to record your license number and check your CASL or CAC ID card. 

Those entering on foot must also present their ID card to security personnel.  Taxis will not be allowed to enter the ballpark parking lot.

If you would like to invite guests you can sign them in as you enter. If they are coming later then sign them in as you enter, they will be asked by the guards to show where they were signed in and may be asked for other ID.

To receive and ID card email your passport type photo to along with your name and mobile phone number.  ID cards for ball players and fans are free.  If card is lost another will be made for 10 LE.  This is applicable for both players and fans.

Playground passes are 100 LE per season and will expire on August 31, 2010


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