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Co-ed League Rules


To All Team Representatives

The following is information about the Co-ed League and the rules by which we will play

  1. Scorekeeping and Time: A CASL League scorekeeper will keep time and score for the game.
  2. Umpires: A CASL umpire will umpire all games.
  3. Swearing: Swearing at officials (during or in between games) will not be tolerated.



  1. League: The Co-ed league will consist of 9 games per team each team playing another an equal amount of times to determine seeding. The co-ed league will only play on Fridays. Make up games may be played on Sunday. The seedings will be used to determine the schedule for a single elimination tournament.
  2. **Game Time: ALL games will have a 70 minute time-limit with exception of the finals. All games will be 7-inning games (or until time expires).  The exception is if the game is tied. Line-ups must be handed in to the scorekeepers before game time.
  3. Flip Games: The schedule will indicate if the game is a flip game or not.



The Co-ed will be played according to ASA rules and the following CASL by-laws (some ASA rules which are not applied in our other leagues are also highlighted below).

1.      Strike Zone: The Co-ed will use the strike zone as per CASL’s local by-laws, represented by an orange mat behind home plate. Home plate (white) is NOT part of the strike zone. This rule will apply to men and women. The men’s orange matt will be used in the co-ed league.

2.      Mercy Rule: 20 runs ahead in the 4th inning and 12 in the 5th (ASA)

a.      Home Runs: Home runs will be limited to 6 per game.

b.      When a HR is hit neither the batter nor the runners on base need to run the bases.

3.      Tied Games: Games will be played to determine the winner. Starting in the 9th inning, the ASA tie breaker will be applied.

4.      Force Play At Home: as per CASL by-laws


1.           Courtesy Runner: Any eligible player in the official line-up including available substitutes may be used as a courtesy runner. A courtesy runner whose turn at bat comes while on base will be out. The courtesy runner will be removed from the base and come to bat. Two courtesy runners may be used per inning. Only the two official team coaches can call for courtesy runners. A courtesy runner is in the game when announced by the offensive team coach (ASA rule 8, section 9.C.1). A lady can courtesy run for a man but not vice versa.

2.           Line-ups/short handed rule: A minimum of 10 players is required to start the game. Teams may pick up the 10th player of the appropriate gender to have the 5 men and 5 women play. The picked up player must be substituted out if an appropriate team member arrives. (for further details on this rule see the CASL by-laws for picking up an extra player in the men’s league).

The short-handed rule stipulates that a team may start with 9 players or continue the game with one less player than it started with in the batting line-up (except when ejected); an out will be called every time this player is up to bat (unlike the women’s/men’s leagues).

Two EPs can be added to the batting order BEFORE the game starts (EP’s must be 1 man and 1 women). If an EP leaves the game without replacement, s/he will be an automatic out when up to bat. When starting with 9 players, the missing batter is assumed to be in the 9th/10th spot (according to gender) in the line-up.

3.           Pitching Height: 6 to 16 feet.

4.           Warm-Up: Warm-ups may take place prior to the games. The infield may only be used when the umpire announces the infield practice time.

5.           Protests: If there is a protest the Co-ed League will follow the same procedure as the other CASL Leagues. The team coach announced for the game may ask the umpire for an appeal on the play. If this is not satisfactory for the team they may register a protest with the plate umpire followed by a written protest letter including the specific details of the protest to the UIC or CASL Board within 72 hours. The decision by the CASL Committee is final.

6.           Bat Rule: Bats banned under ASA Official Softball Rules cannot be used in the Co-ed tournament.

7.           Alternating batting order man/lady or vice versa; cannot have same gender bat back-to-back.

8.           Men reaching base on balls will be awarded second base. The women who follows must bat. Exception: with two outs she may choose to take first base. All bases must be touched when a player is walked.

9.           Outfielders must be in the grass of the outfield until the ball crosses the plate or the batter swings at the pitch. In case of infraction the umpire will signal a delayed dead ball; the coach of the offensive team will have the option of taking the result of the play or placing the batter on 1st base and advancing all forced runners.

10.       The ASA 12” ball is in play when men are batting and the ASA 11” ball is in play when women are batting. The third base coach is asked to help switch the balls in and out.

11.       Switching teams: Players may be added to the team during the season. If a player is switching teams it must be announced to both coaches and the appropriate commissioner, who will in turn inform the team reps and the UIC. The player will be required to sit out 1 game from their new team before playing for them. No players may be added during the tournament at the end of the season.


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